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The adventures of Buddy the Jerboa, a two legged rodent known for its long legs and ears. With his signature sneakers, Buddy finds his way to town where he befriends a girl named Maria who needs his aid. And he has to confront the hungry, street-wise cat, Noche. Can Buddy avoid being Noche’s next meal long enough to help Maria?

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What is a Jerboa?

Jerboas are small leaping rodents, with bodies ranging from 5 to 15 cm (2 to 5.9 inches) in length and long tails of 7 to 25 cm. Certain traits are highly variable between species, particularly the size of the ears, which range from small and round to slender and rabbitlike or remarkably large and broad. Hind toes number from three to five, but all species have short forelegs and extremely long hind legs. The tail is often tufted. Jerboas’ dense fur is either silky or velvety in texture and light in colour, usually matching the ground of the animal’s habitat.





Buddy is a Jerboa, a rodent known for its long legs and large ear. While Jerboas can hop lengthy distances, Buddy prefers to use his long legs to run. He also has a very curious nature. It is this curiosity that brought him to town and become friends with Maria. However, it is this curiosity that often gets him in trouble. His fast speed and super hearing is all he has to compensate for his small size and penchant for discord as he tries to help all the people he meets and stay ahead of those trying to get him such as Noche. And at the end of the day, he just wants to nestle in his bed – a cabbage leaf in the dumpster in the back of a restaurant.


Buddy’s best friend is an eight-year-old Latina girl named Maria. She is smart and brave, though is sometimes sad she does not have a father. She enjoys school, especially math and reading. While she tries to stay out of trouble, she often takes the blame so no one discovers Buddy.


A street-wise cat who feels he is in charge of the neighborhood. He likes to go after animals smaller than him, though he will hide from any larger threat while feigning bravery. He particularly dislikes Buddy for outsmarting him. He does not like to be embarrassed, especially by a small, funny-looking rodent.

About the author


Ralph Boral

– Author Ralph Boral is an award-winning producer of animated programming including the Hermie series starring Tim Conway and Don Knotts. Boral has also had a distinguished career in news working for NBC News and Fox News for over twenty years in senior financial, operational, and producer roles. Among his other creations include Gefilte Fish and Spyman.

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